The founder of the State Public Health Institution City Polyclinic No. 3 JSC is the Ministry of Health of the Amur Region.

The registration date of the State Public Health Institution City Polyclinic No. 3 is 07/10/2015.

GAUZ JSC “City Polyclinic No. 3” is a multidisciplinary, medical and preventive institution designed to provide primary health care and specialized care, as well as carries out a set of preventive measures to improve the population and prevent diseases under the conditions established by the territorial program of state guarantees for citizens of the Russian Federation free medical care. Doctors GAUZ JSC "City Polyclinic №3" provide a wide range of medical services on the basis of a license to carry out medical activities. The mission of the outpatient clinic is to provide quality medical services based on the principles of accessibility, timeliness, effectiveness and comprehensiveness using the most modern methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases and maintaining the most valuable health we have.

Main activities:

Pre-medical care,

outpatient medical care, including primary health care and specialized medical care on an outpatient basis;

Conducting preventive medical examinations and measures to prevent and reduce morbidity, identify early and latent forms of diseases, socially significant diseases and risk factors;

Diagnosis of diseases and conditions using non-invasive examination methods;

Treatment, including reconstructive, of the main and concomitant diseases and conditions on an outpatient basis in the clinic, day clinic of the clinic, at home;

Clinical and expert activities to assess the quality and effectiveness of medical and diagnostic measures, including examination of temporary disability and referral of patients to the ITU;

Accounting, dispensary observation of patients, including certain categories of citizens entitled to receive a set of social services;

Organization of additional free medical care for certain categories of citizens, including the provision of necessary medicines;

Establishment of medical indications and referral to health facilities for specialized types of care;

Establishment of medical indications and referrals for spa treatment, including for certain categories of citizens entitled to receive a set of social services;

Conducting sanitary-hygienic and anti-epidemic measures, vaccination in the established manner;

The implementation of sanitary-hygienic education, including on the formation of a healthy lifestyle.

In the departments of the clinic, 30 medical specialties are being received, over the past few years an additional 6 medical offices have been licensed and opened in the specialties: rheumatology, pulmonology, oncology, cardiovascular surgery, coloproctology, orthopedics.

Address: Amur region, Blagoveshchensk, st. Teatralnaya, 28

Contact phone numbers:

    Registry: 77-24-24;
    Electronic registry: 77-00-03;
    Reference: 77-24-26;
    Reception: 77-24-13;
    Helpline: 77-24-09;